Filmmaker . Storyteller

Hussein Eddeb 
Tripoli, Libya

After the uprising of February 2011, Libya has witnessed a radical change at all different levels of political, economic and social life, the situation differed completely from what we had previously lived and experienced.

In 2012, I have graduated as a Petroleum Engineer from Tripoli University. But with this change, I decided to change my goals in life to become a filmmaker in the field of the media industry and civil society.

In 2016 I started making short documentaries, my first documentary was about Leptis Magna. I have participated in the International Drone Film Festival "InAir.Amsterdam" presenting this film, as I was nominated in the category of Architecture. ‏After that, I have made a film about immigrants in Libya. It was ranked Third Place in the Migration Media Award in 2018. ‏I’ve also won the Thomson Foundation Competition 2019 (Journalism Now Team Challenge) in the UK.

My vision as a Libyan Filmmaker

Through my work as one of the filmmakers in Libya on various cases regarding human rights and freedom in general within Libya, I discovered that the Libyan society is in denial of the human rights problems, whether in their freedom of expression, minority rights or cultural rights. ‏
On the other hand, there are scattered voices that are demanding for these rights and freedoms. However, sadly their voices are barely heard amid the noise of weapons spread in Libya. ‏I have also found that there is difficulty communicating with communities that don't speak our language as there are words in our society that have a profound meaning that does not have a literal translation in other international languages.
Therefore, our responsibility to translate these deep meanings through our films and deliver this voice to future generations that will have a different mindset. They will be able to reach the critical point in which society's thinking, culture, and behaviour will change.