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About Me

My passion for technology and digital media began at an early age. I created and managed an online forum for the Libyan Al-Ittihad team at eighteen in 2005. This project accelerated the development of my photography, video editing, and news writing abilities. 2006 marked the beginning of my studies in petroleum engineering, which I never enjoyed. But, in 2011, just before I graduated, the Libyan revolt against former President Muammar Gaddafi drastically altered my life.

With the political change in Libya, I co-founded Odysseia magazine, an online platform that covers political, cultural, and social events in a way that Libyan society was not used to. The experience taught me new skills, such as interviews and investigations, and exposed me to more of Libyan society's problems following the regime change that lasted more than four decades.

Odysseia magazine quickly became well-known as one of Libya's most important news sources. Based on this achievement, we founded the Odysseia Media Services Company in 2012, the year I attended my university graduation party in petroleum engineering, which was the last occasion to bring me together in this field forever.

In a short period of time, we acquired numerous contracts for media services in Libya, the most significant of which involved creating media campaigns for one of the country's biggest political parties at the time. In the first parliamentary elections in Libya in 42 years, the party received the majority of the votes. I oversaw the video production crew throughout the campaign and participated in all phases of creating video content, including screenplay development, filming, editing, etc.

In 2013, I was offered the opportunity to work as the Libyan Prime Minister's videographer. It was an unfamiliar experience and a difficult challenge, especially given the country's volatile security situation. However, this experience helped me hone my skills for working quickly and under pressure. In addition, I experimented with an official role in the diplomatic environment during the Prime Minister's official trips to other nations. 

I quit my job as the Prime Minister's videographer in 2015 and went back to work in Odysseia as the company's vice president. In this role, I was responsible for overseeing the company's video section as well as supervising the work teams and writing financial proposals and marketing strategies.

In 2016, five years after we established Odysseia Media Services, I decided to leave the company. and I began working as a freelance filmmaker and Journalist, creating several stories about local stories and migrants in Libya, one of which placed third in the International Migration Award. 

As a freelancer, I began producing many stories for various international organizations, and I have continued in this field of my work to this day. At the end of 2016, I co-founded Aramit Advertising Services with others. The company specializes in producing multimedia projects and advertising. I managed the video production team and participated in all stages of video content creation, including script writing, filming, editing, and so on.

In the years 2018 and 2019, I worked as a video producer for Radio Netherlands' project in Libya, in addition to other duties such as analyzing the survey results that we published on regional issues in Libya and participating in developing social change campaigns. In addition, the Foundation received an award from Democracy Reporting International and Deutsche Welle for the women's empowerment video I produced and directed.

During the civil war in 2019 and 2020, I produced a documentary film about war-displaced families and wrote news articles about the humanitarian situation in Libya. The same year, as part of a team of four reporters from four countries, I won the new Thomson Foundation competition, Team Journalism Now Challenge, which drew 600 participants worldwide.

I started working for the government again at the beginning of 2021, first as a videographer for the President of the Presidential Council, and then I moved on to become a photographer for the Libyan Minister of Foreign Affairs, the first female to occupy this position in Libyan history. 

But I didn't stay long in this job and decided it was time to start shaping my academic skills, so I moved to Berlin and began studying for a master's degree in Communication and Media Management in 2022.

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Migration Media Award


Best Short Film Award 2019




Journalism Now

Team Challenge Competition 2019

I won the new Thomson Foundation competition, Team Journalism Now Challenge, which drew 600 participants worldwide.

Best Short Film Award 2019

Democracy Reporting International and German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle.


Migration Media Award 2019

Third Place, Video Category English


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